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Ugo Mozie

Stylist, Consultant, Visionary

Ugo Mozie

Ugo Mozie's career has spanned the globe, from the run-way to the red carpet to magazines and television and at only 22 years old, Ugo is the embodiment of the young creatives that are taking over the world.

With a stylish zeal and resume of work that many 40 year olds would envy, at half the age Ugo Mozie has already debuted a fashion line and his clientele has included international superstars from Justin Bieber to Larry King. Known for his eclectic and androgynous style, Ugo has pushed past conventional boundaries to redefine the way the industry considers style. And he does so with dynamic vitality in all the projects he touches - from the Oscar awards, Sex and the City 2, Vogue, Elle, GQ magazine, and much more.

Graduating high school and moving to New York, at age 17 he debuted his fashion line Aston Mozie at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2010. This garnered rave reviews from the New York Times and soon after Ugo was fashion director of that international magazine. Ugo moved to Los Angeles in 2012 where he diversified into PR and Marketing. In January 2014, he was appointed to US PR director of the iconic Fashion House, Vivienne Westwood. He is currently still styling and designing while expanding his brand globally.

Chances are you've seen many of Ugo Mozie's looks on pop stars flouncing down the red carpet and in the pages of fashion glossies. - Paper Magazine
Not your average cookie-cutter commercial fashion. - Bill Cunningham The New York Times
Ugo Mozie

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